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Because I haven’t really posted one of my body in ages

Mia is literal perfection

You are the sweetest

Most perfect female I’ve laid my eyes on

Perf. But she needs to shave. 😐

Sweet. But you need to shut the fuck up.

Seriously. Who cares. It’s her body.

Urm shut the fuck up.. She’s gorgeous. No one needs to shave just for other peoples pleasure.

The space from the nose to her mouth is so long! Also her nostrils are very visible.

Shlohmo’s mix from WeDidIt’s Halloween takeover of Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio 1

Originally Aired on 10-26-13

Dj Jayhood ft DJ Mike Gip - Show Me love (Jersey Club Remix) (Shlohmo Screw)
Vybz Cartel - Freaky Gal pt 3 (screw)
unidentified Umbrella trance remix (Screw)
CZ - honda civic (screw)
DJ Rashad - Let it Go (screw)
Distal - Temple People
Dj Irresistible - Whip My Hair jersey edit (screw)
1991 - Inside You (IVVVO remix)
Legowelt - Elementz of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1)
Snootie Wild - Yayo (screw)
Rocko - UOENO (Tommy Kruise screw)
Makaveli - Hail Mary (DJ Screw mix)
Cam’ron - Killa Cam intro (screw)
LBC - Reality (DJ Screw mix)
Big L - Enemy (Screw)
Dr. Octagon - Waiting List (instrumental) ((Screw))
Aegyokiller - Chum
Dabrye - Bloop (Screw)
DJ Screw - Call Me freestyle
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (screw)
Toto - Africa (screw)

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